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Stop living a lie and gain access to your Best Self

It's Your Birthright!

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My purpose is to empower individuals to be the cause of their own lives. Through our coaching, I share the infinite possibilities of love, integrity, forgiveness, and truth.


I was gifted the ZoieDawn Method (ZDM) through Divine Intellectual Property to fulfill this purpose. ZDM is a technology used in the evolution of self, created through discovery, resolution, and transformation. It lives on the dotted line, where infinite trajectories of hope, dreams, wishes, and possibilities exist in the quantum realm.


My hope is that through ZDM, you will connect with your true self and unlock your full potential. Together, we can create a future filled with endless possibilities and hope.


At the heart of our coaching is a commitment to your success. This commitment guides our actions and requires something from you - work. Through this work, you can activate the infinite possibilities within you and create the life you know you're capable of.

We believe that true freedom is essential to the ZDM experience. Only when you're free to create your own way of being can you discover the framework for resolution and transformation.


We invite you to experience this freedom and release anything holding you back from realizing your most extraordinary life. As a co-creator, you'll be held accountable for your progress.


The ZoieDawn Method is just one of many advocates for your self-discovery. Our unique approach allows us to not only have breakthroughs of cognitive patterns that past trauma has created but to recreate and reframe the trauma entry point for a more evolved view. This process allows you to witness a moment of pain instead of a lifetime of suffering.


Thank you for witnessing our journey, by assisting in transforming one life at a time.


We look forward to seeing you soon!




"My advice to you: Only work with ZoieDawn if you really want to manifest your dreams. If you’re unsure, don’t waste her time or yours. Only spend time with her if you’re committed to breaking past your own beliefs and limitations. When you work with her, give it your all…you deserve it…we deserve it. Without Zoie and the space we created I would still be wondering if, when, and how…with Zoie and in the space we created, I recognized my true gifts and embraced my unique place in the world. She’s a loving catalyst. She has high expectations and will help you to reach the highest hopes you hold for yourself."

Malaika Moses

Mama, Artist, Author, 

20+ years traversing corporate and non-profit sectors with a primary focus on education and community development. 

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"Working with Zoie through the Zoie Dawn Method and the incredible spiritual gifts she has been blessed with has radically changed my life, my approach, and my understanding of my entire being. Through the advice and counsel of Zoie,  I have been able to identify hidden parts of myself, recognize patterns -generational and self-inflicted. In my work with Zoie, I have begun significant work in healing myself, as well as healing aspects of my maternal ancestral lineage, and thereby, that of my child and future DNA. Everything that was channeled for me through Zoie's endowment only served to connect the dots and help me walk upright into the best version of myself daily. The Zoie Dawn Method is not for the faint of heart, but what I can guarantee is absolute growth and limitless possibilities as creators."


Bethany Serota

Mother, Attorney, Creator;

Dedicated public servant committed to creating pathways and equitable access to opportunities for the most vulnerable.


“Healing has always been important to me, Mama Zoie helped me look outside myself and find my reflection through other people’s actions to heal the hurt they may have caused me. Learning that one, we all have stories and triggers, but the thing that connects us is our need to/for love. Two, learning how to give love that is pure, non-judgmental, understanding, unconditional, and FREE. And to realize that the only way you can do these things is by giving it to yourself first. Be pure, be understanding, be love in all its meaning. Unlearn those habits and live free.” 

Xiamara Jennings



"My experience with the Zoie Dawn Method hasn’t been anything less than amazing!! I experienced an individual who displayed selflessness, authenticity, and clear examples of a god. My life and my family’s lives were literally transformed. I faced health challenges and it miraculously turned in my favor. I learned how to speak the truth in love, hold space. New life has shown up because I showed up for myself.

I am Whole again, Love again Life again is Nu!"

Mahogany Porter

Visual artist, educator, Cosmetologist, and entrepreneur

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A life-changing journey awaits you! 

Are you tired of living a life filled with lies and illusions? Do you yearn for true freedom and liberation? Look no further!The ZoieDawn Method presents the most comprehensive journal and guidebook ever created - "I Got It Out The D.I.R.T: From the Dirt to Liberation: Be Your Authentic Self!"

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